Turn your leads into clients.


Turning Leads into Clients

No matter how your agency gathers its leads, AgencyIQ equips you to make the most of those leads and convert them into valuable clients. AgencyIQ continues to increase the return on each lead investment by maintaining your clients after the initial sale, resulting in more renewals and client retention.


What our customers say

"Since implementing the Agency IQ system in my office, I have found the management of my incoming leads, subsequent quotes, and customers fun and easy"

"AgencyIQ has given us a tremendous leg up in tracking, selling, and especially cross-selling our Internet Quote leads"

"Our sales have increased significantly with AgencyIQ"

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January 25, 2012
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Key Features

  • Automatic Import of Leads
  • Customized Email Marketing
  • Flexible Workflow Automation
  • Customizable Security and Access
  • Contact Management and Tracking